Metro 911 of Kanawha County

Getting You Help When You Need It



Charleston, WV

Over 25 Years Of Service

May 30, 1986

The agreement was reached between the Kanawha County Commission and the City of Charleston to form a consolidated Emergency 9-1-1 Center, known as the Metro Emergency Operations Center.  The 9-1-1 Center provided a group of dedicated individuals to dispatch for all of the emergency services. This allowed for better coordination of manpower and equipment, insuring a fast and accurate response to any crisis. It also provided service for the smaller towns and agencies, freeing up much needed manpower and funding.

January 4, 1987

January 4, 1987 the Metro Emergency Operations Center went on line with the Basic 911. Consisting of the 911 telephone feed, radio communications with the field units and ANI feed from the phone company to view the callers number. Staffing was a combination of both city and county employees with a total of 29 employees.

March 1988

In march of 1988 the first CAD or Computer Aided Dispatch system was brought on line. We were the first county in the State of West Virginia to have a CAD system. The original CAD system was a network of computers that transferred information taken by the Call Taker to the Dispatcher, kept track of what units were available and stored the information from a call for statistical use. This was a monumental breakthrough in the world of dispatching and to this day remains a vital part of the 911 center.


 In 1989 we went online with Enhanced 911 service provided by the phone company. This allowed for the callers Address along with their phone number to appear on a screen as a call came in. This provided vital information to the Call Taker for the verification of the address. This helped to accurately speed the units to the scene. Once again we were the first county to have this feature.


In 1994 Legislation was adopted requiring Certification Standards for all emergency operations center. This legislation helped to insure that the quality of Emergency Dispatching was continuous throughout the country, regardless of where you lived. All of our employees are National Certified before they begin their on the job training. You can feel safe in knowing that our employees are certified and trained to provide you with the best possible care in your time of need.


On July 1, 1998 the Metro Emergency Operation Center moved from joint management by Kanawha County and the City of Charleston to the leadership of an Independent 911 Board. Made up of representatives from the County Government, various Emergency Services and the Community.


In the Summer of 1999 the first Annual Camp 911 was held. The camp was established to better teach the children the use of 911 and give them an understanding of how the 911 center works. The camp accomplishes this  by bringing the children into the center for classes on how and when to call 911, along with a tour of the Call Center.


With the success of the Camp 911, it was decided to broaden our efforts in teaching the children of Kanawha county on the use of 911. Classes were held in various schools throughout the community. We not only made the classes informatory but fun for the children with use of our new mascot Dee-Spatch.

November 2000

In November of 2000, Nitro was brought on board as a member of the Metro Emergency Operations Center. Providing the community of Nitro with the 911 service. This was a great move for all parties involved. It help to free up funding for the City of Nitro as well as continuing to provide the Nitro Police Department, Nitro Fire Department and the Nitro Community with professional dispatching.

Continuing Today

The Metro Emergency Operation Center has come a long way since its start. Many changes have been made both structurally and technically to help improve the service for the community. The future promises many more changes to come, but with those changes we will not forget that our goal is getting you help when you need it.