Finance & Purchasing


Kanawha County Metro 911 secures funding from 911 fees assessed on Kanawha County landlines and wireless phone lines. This revenue is used to staff, equip, and maintain Metro as well as to sustain and improve communication that aids in ensuring both first responder and citizen safety. We are privileged to serve you!

The following highlights Metro 911’s ongoing projects:

  • Next Generation Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD): The backbone of Metro’s operations, this system, acquired in March 2013, brought together 10 years of advancements in call-taking, dispatching, mapping and records.
  • Next Generation 911 Phone System: The vital link between the public and Metro operations, this system, acquired in October 2013, brought together 10 years of advancements for faster, more reliable call-taking with integration to text-to-911.
  • Text-to-911 System: A recent addition to further Metro’s life-saving mission, this system allows an additional means for citizens to reach 911.  While voice calls are still the preferred communication method, text-to-911 allows citizens to send text messages in situations where calling is difficult or unsafe.  In the system’s first year, Metro conversed with citizens in over 14,000 text sessions.
  • New Mobile and Records Systems: Coming in October 2016, the new mobile and records system will expand CAD to the field for hundreds of police, fire and EMS units.
  • Emergency  Medical Dispatch (EMD): EMD is a systematic program of handling medical calls for assistance.  Each dispatcher in Kanawha County is trained, using locally-approved EMD guide cards so they can quickly and properly determine the medical emergency and give the caller instructions to help treat the patient until the responding units arrive.  EMD requires continuing education hours and bi-annual recertification.
  • Enhanced Mass Notification: Metro 911 has the ability to quickly and effectively communicate with citizens during an emergency through multiple systems that require maintenance. Swift911 is an emergency notification system that utilizes landlines and cellphones to contact residents. The outdoor warning sirens throughout Kanawha County have upgraded software and expanded locations for greater access.
  • Radio Improvements: Radio communication is key to getting citizens the help they need. Metro’s radio system includes new hardware, a grant funded emergency backup system and continual investment in the WV State Interoperable Radio Network and legacy systems.
  • Mapping/Addressing: To ensure a quick response, Metro 911 is responsible for Kanawha County addressing and mapping.  The project is responsible for making sure that all residential and commercial structures are addressed in accordance with modern public safety addressing standards.


Metro 911 promotes vendor competition to ensure prudent use of resources.  See below for current Request for Proposals and Purchasing Documents.

Request for Proposals